The Verge Motorsports Quick Outlaw Series is a thrilling fast-paced index drag racing series competing in 8 select event all across the mid-south each year. Over 100 different racers from 18+ states compete annually for the Championship in the two index classes, 4.70 Door Cars and 4.50 Dragsters, with all sorts of various power-adders and bug cubic inch power plants.

The series features some of the best purses index racing has ever seen with $10k to win in each class and even bonus awards of $25k for winning a race with a perfect run.

Every event is a family-friendly affair. All tickets are pit passes where fans have access to the pits and get get up close and personal with the cars and the drivers. At each race, most teams sell shirts and other products for fans to take home to remember their weekend at the track. All of this is what makes a Verge Motorsports race a great place to take the entire family for an exciting day of motorsports entertainment.