mackMack Gouge founded Team 7 Racing in 1974.  While his success on the   blacktop is impressive in racing circles, it’s his impact in the boardroom   that helps his sponsors realize a return on their motorsports investment   Monday through Friday.

Southeastern Cabling Contractors opened in Columbus, Georgia in August   1993, boasting a staff with over twenty-five years of information systems and   telecommunications experience.  Gouge’s leadership, coupled with his personal   dedication to quality has enabled SCC to build a business with high standards and garner a reputation for quality work.

Southeastern Cabling Contractors has completed many large cabling and   integration projects in and around Columbus, GA and the southeast region of   the United States. SCC’s clients include some of largest, national branded   companies in the Chattahoochee Valley Area – TSYS, Pratt & Whitney Aircraft,  Emerson Electric Company, Columbus Regional Healthcare Systems, and AFLAC, Inc.

Southeastern Cabling Contractors has on its staff two (2) employees who are Registered Communications Distribution Designers (RCDD).  Due to changes in the telecommunications industry, Building Industry Consulting Service International (BICSI) established the RCDD program. The title RCDD is awarded to BICSI members who demonstrate a high level of expertise in integrating the needs of the telecommunications and building industries. This inter-industry liaison function distinguishes the RCDD from others involved in telecommunications. They will provide complete wire mapping, and can certify all cabling projects.

The vendor trained and certified staff is dedicated to providing the highest quality workmanship to each and every customer no matter how large or small the job.  Gouge has carried that successful blueprint over to TEAM 7 RACING, where his successes continue to mount.